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Leabee is about better food, and less environmental impact. Enjoy the difference at your next meal, and forever.

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Our store is continually updated to better serve your needs. New sizes, colours, products, and DIY kits that keep your food fresh, and away from plastic.

Using our food wraps

Simply Better

Our non-plastic food wraps preserve food better. The breathable material regulates moisture naturally, keeping herbs, fruits, and vegetables tasting fresh and flavourful. After using your food wrap simply wash it with warm water, and you’re ready to go.

Using Food Wraps


Use the warmth of your hands to wrap food items and cover bowls with these beeswax wraps. Each is malleable at room temperature and sticks to itself and many other surfaces.


Rinse with cold water or wipe with cool, damp cloth. Use mild soap if necessary. Avoid hot water (this melts the wax). Hang or lay flat to dry. Reuse often.


Keep on using your wrap to cover your food and containers. To create small snack bags with your wrap go here.