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About Leabee Wraps

Hi. I’m Charlotte, founder of Leabee Wraps, and a fellow sojourner on the path to plastic-free living.

As my family and I strive for sustainability in our own lives, we also want to empower you to take steps toward freedom from plastic in your own kitchen, family, and life.

Join me as we discover practical resources to help you make intentional progress on you own journey to freedom from one time use plastics. 

My Plastic Origin Story

Tonnes of garbage are probably still heaped in a landfill thanks to my childhood habits. I grew up on boxed KD and soup made from a can. Words like ‘environment’, ‘organic’, or ‘one time use plastic’ were not uttered in our house. I’ve held many a foil-wrapped hotdog, discarded countless plastic bottles of pop, and never thought about the plastic toys I owned, broke, or threw out. We didn’t own a recycling bin.

It never occurred to me that garbage piled up or that it released toxins into the air, soil, and water. I never imagined my discarded plastic could ever wrap itself around the neck of a turtle or lodge itself in the throat of a baby bird.

My awareness of our global plastic problem was one that grew slowly over time. The more I learned, the more guilt and responsibility I felt about my contribution. Just by participating I was approving and perpetuating the problem.

I knew I needed to break free of my plastic habit.

Stepping onto the
Plastic-Free Path

Our change was incremental, but methodical. By making one swap at a time, I transformed my own thinking, my own choices, and soon our whole family had new habits they could carry into their own homes one day. We had, in our small way, impacted the future by empowering the next-generation, which was deeply rewarding for me, and fueled my passion to continue.

One of the first steps we took on the plastic-free path was to swap out the kids’ immense collection of plastic toys for a smaller, simpler selection of wood, cardboard, bamboo, or metal toys. Another change we made early on was ordering take-out less. This gave us the doubly happy feeling of avoiding the inevitable waste of all the wax, Styrofoam, and plastic packaging, while also saving us money and helping us eat healthier.

The Leabee Connection

When I discovered the bulk of plastics in our home were found in the kitchen, I focused my zeal there. I went to work making sustainable swaps. The need for a plastic-free food storage option drove me to make beeswax food wraps for our kitchen. As friends and family saw the pretty wraps in our fridge, in our picnic lunches, or even on our potluck dishes, they grew interested in what we were doing.

As I tested and perfected my beeswax food wraps, friends started asking me to make them some. Then more people asked. Orders were placed, and before I knew it, Leabee became a business that helped others to live more sustainably too!

Resources for You


It can feel daunting to start on the path to plastic-free living, but trust me, it’s much easier than you think.

It starts with one.

One step.
One swap.

Here’s the cool thing about starting: that first change you make will feel so good, you’ll want to make another. And another. And before too long, you’re a longer way down the path than you thought you could be.

Here are a few super easy places to take that next (or first) step.

Start Here. The First Swap is the Easiest

An average person in Canada uses 200 pounds of plastic each year.* That’s 38 million of us. And all of it piles up in landfills by the tonne every day.

Swapping out plastic food wrap is one of the quickest,
easiest places to start your own journey to plastic-free living.

Our Wraps

Our handmade, earth-friendly beeswax food wraps and bags won’t just halt your contribution to the plastic food wrap problem – they’ll also save you the cost of buying plastic over and over all year, brighten your lunch boxes and fridge with their pretty designs, AND, best of all, you. will. feel. awesome.

You’ll feel that heady, empowered sensation of having joined a movement of many who are all taking back their power to choose.

To make the swap, browse our designs here.


Living Tips, Info, and Inspiration

Instagram and Facebook are where we share some of our best tips for plastic-free food storage, grocery shopping, and more.

Also, we share fascinating news pieces about innovative solutions, raising awareness, and other ways people step onto this path to make a difference in big and small ways.

You’ll also get to check out our latest designs, new products (like our UNpapertowel), and see tutorials on how to clean your Leabee wraps or fold them into take-along snack bags.

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